Thursday, December 8, 2011


So for all of you who are curious to see the details of my trip, here's the website for what we will be doing.

And a quick update, you can now write checks through the church and get a tax write-off! Make checks payable to Redeemer Covenant Church but do not put my name anywhere on the check.

Then you can either:

1) Mail the check to me at my house (11225 S. Locust Ave. Jenks OK 74037)


2) Send the check to the church (5415 E. 101st St. Tulsa OK 74137), but make sure that you enclose a letter or something telling them it's to help fund my trip.

Again, please do not write my name on the check. If you have any questions, you can email my dad at mattnightingale (at) mac (dot) com.

Again, thank you for your prayers and support as we all gear up to leave.

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